Opel smoking exhaust

The trendiest gadget automotive - navigation

Although the market there are a lot of gadgets, which are available to the driver, most people reaching for automotive technical innovations selects navigation.

It is without a doubt the most popular device, which allows for maintaining the route, even without knowing the map.

What's more, most of the satellite navigation sets us some runs and we can decide, according to which we will go.

Most people reach for this little device, above all, because it allows not to get lost in an unknown area; by navigation you can also quickly reach the destination in many cases.

Fashion for having such a gadget automotive lasts for several years and so far, you can expect that these articles will continue to be very readily bought by drivers.

Unruly car paint

One of the most common problems, which has to face many a owner of such a vehicle such as a car or a motorcycle, a scratch on the car paint.

We can scratch the car in just a few moments, without using even this sharp tool.

Many scratches formed, for example, the inability of parking or reversing.
Unfortunately, many of them are also the result of actions of hooligans, we leave the car, for example, in the wrong neighborhood. How to deal with such a problem? Of course, in many cases it is necessary to visit the factory paint.

In smaller straches it may be useful to also use, for example, with a special pen that allows at least a little to mask the resulting defects.

Points and Coil Ignition

Opel smoking exhaust
Ignition Internal combustion engines require ignition of the mixture, either by spark ignition (SI) or compression ignition (CI).

Before the invention of reliable electrical methods, hot tube and flame methods were used.

Experimental engines with laser ignition have been built.15 Spark Ignition Process Bosch Magneto Points and Coil Ignition The spark ignition engine was a refinement of the early engines which used Hot Tube ignition.

When Bosch developed the magneto it became the primary system for producing electricity to energize a spark plug.16 Many small engines still use magneto ignition.

Small engines are started by hand cranking using a recoil starter or hand crank .
Prior to Charles F.
Kettering of Delco's development of the automotive starter all gasoline engined automobiles used a hand crank.17 Larger engines typically power their starting motors and Ignition systems using using the electrical energy stored in a lead?acid battery.
The battery's charged state is maintained by an automotive alternator or (previously) a generator which uses engine power to create electrical energy storage. The battery supplies electrical power for starting when the engine has a starting motor system, and supplies electrical power when the engine is off.
The battery also supplies electrical power during rare run conditions where the alternator cannot maintain more than 13.8 volts (for a common 12V automotive electrical system).

As alternator voltage falls below 13.8 volts, the lead-acid storage battery increasingly picks up electrical load.

During virtually all running conditions, including normal idle conditions, the alternator supplies primary electrical power.Źródło: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internal_combustion_engine


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